Shipping Policy

Eligibility for Health Rewards:

    • Users of the AllesHealth app may be eligible to earn health rewards based on their participation in various health and wellness activities as specified within the app.
    • The specific activities and criteria for earning health rewards will be clearly outlined within the app.
  •  Reward Fulfillment:
    • Health rewards earned through the AllesHealth app will be fulfilled through digital means, such as virtual gift cards, redeemable codes, or electronic vouchers.
    • Physical shipping of rewards may be applicable for certain merchandise or products, as determined by AllesHealth.
  • Shipping Availability:
    • Physical shipping of health rewards is subject to availability and is currently limited to specific regions or countries.
    • The availability of physical shipping options will be clearly indicated within the AllesHealth app.
  • Shipping Fees and Charges:
    • Shipping fees, if applicable, will be clearly communicated to users before confirming their reward redemption.
    • The user will be responsible for any applicable shipping charges unless otherwise specified.
  • Shipping Address:
    • Users must provide accurate and up-to-date shipping information, including the correct shipping address, during the reward redemption process.
    • AllesHealth will not be responsible for any delays or issues arising from incorrect or incomplete shipping address details provided by the user.
  • Shipping Timelines:
    • AllesHealth will strive to fulfill physical rewards and initiate shipping in a timely manner.
    • Shipping timelines may vary depending on the user’s location and the availability of the specific reward item.
    • Users will be provided with estimated shipping timelines during the reward redemption process.
  • Tracking and Delivery:
    • For physical rewards that require shipping, AllesHealth will provide users with tracking information, where applicable.
    • Users can use the provided tracking details to monitor the delivery status of their rewards.
    • AllesHealth will not be responsible for any delays, damages, or issues that may occur during the shipping and delivery process, as it is beyond our control.
  • International Shipping:
    • International shipping of health rewards may be subject to customs duties, taxes, or other fees imposed by the recipient’s country.
    • Any additional costs related to international shipping and customs clearance are the responsibility of the user.


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