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We have pushed the boundaries and combined the best of HealthTech, Blockchain and Social Health research available to provide a comprehensive solution for Patients and Carers with which they will feel empowered and own their Health Records.
Through AllesHealth Platform, Patients are able to store all of their medical records digitally, Map their medical journey, and share their anonymous data at their will with Clinical Research Organisations (CROs).
We want to provide the control of HealthData to the real owner ‘PATIENTS’ and ensure patients are rewarded for sharing their Anonymised HealthData and get better access to Healthcare.

Medical Records Library w/ AllesHealth

Imagine having the ability to have your entire medical history digitalised and available to you in few clicks.

Imagine having the ability to understand your own body backed by clinical data.

Now imagine to be able to deeply understand the human anatomy to tackle the challenges of Healthcare when someone you love is seriously ill.


Through a state-of-the-art and easy to use AllesHealth solution, patients will be able to add their medical records from all sources. This includes data from Hospitals and clinicians. AllesHealth will have bluetooth connectivity for easy transfer of data through wearable devices.

Benefits for Patients
  1. Easy to use solution to track medical records
  2. Get recommendations on health tips
  3. Clearly outlined patient journey

Benefits for Clinicians
  1. Digitalised medical records
  2. Patient medical history
  3. Clinical insights w/ AllesHealth

Patient Journey Mapping w/ AllesHealth

Imagine having the ability to dig deep into your historical medical records for your family, understand better underlying conditions to find optimal treatment options.


Making use of the data uploaded, AllesHealth will draw a journey map for patients and what potential sources that might be relevant for their care, in view to keep patients informed for the best care possible

Benefits for Patients
  1. Transparency
  2. Patient Journey
  3. Proactive disease management


Benefits for Clinicians
  1. Clear view into patient journey including diagnosis and treatments
  2. Digitalised records

Anonymised Data Sharing through AllesHealth

Patients own their medical data.

Imagine as a Patient, having an ability to share your Health Data, Anonymously and Securely, in contribution to better research for Personalized Treatments and you also get compensated for your good deeds. It is referred as Leveraging healthcare analytics for better research 


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Patients own their medical data. Through AllesHealth Platform, Patients have the ability to store their data digitally, but also to further share their anonymised data with Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) for AllesHealth Rewards which can be used at AllesHealth partnered Hospitals and Labs. This data sharing will only be at the consent of the patient (and/or their respective carer).

Through our proprietary solution, patients will have the power to do what they like with their anonymised & encrypted data.

Benefits for Patients
  1. Incentives generated through clinical insights leveraging their datasets. Those can be leveraged to get better healthcare at AllesHealth partnered hospitals.
  2. Personalised treatments


Benefits for Clinicians
  1. At hand information
  2. Medical history
  3. Treatment options matching patient clinical records

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