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How does AllesHealth help Patients?

We have pushed the boundaries and combined the best of HealthTech, Blockchain and Social Health research available to provide a comprehensive solution for Patients and Carers with which they will feel empowered and own their Health Records.

Through AllesHealth Platform, Patients are able to ‘Store’ all of their medical records digitally, ‘Map’ their clinical journey, ‘Share’ their data for 2nd Opinion, and ‘Earn’ Health Rewards for Healthy Behaviour.

At AllesHealth, we believe Health Data is the ‘Soil’ through which many new trees can be planted and the fruits of those should be shared among all, especially Patients and Carers, as the rightful owners of Health Data 

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Medical Records Library with AllesHealth
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Patient Journey Mapping with AllesHealth
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Earn Health Rewards With AllesHealth
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