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What we do?

What we do?

Proactive management of Health: We provide the platform for patients that helps them proactively manage their Health.

Clinical Insights: We provide better clinical insights for patients to understand disease through their own Health Data.

Health Data Ownership: We provide an ability for patients to ‘own’ their Health Data in a secure and compliant way.

Sharing your Anonymous Healthdata: We enable patients to make the decision ‘how and with whom’ they would like to share their Anonymized Health data.

Earn Health rewards to achieve better care: As first of its kind, AllesHealth Rewards Patients to stay Healthy and for taking care of their Family.

Our Services

For Patients

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Medical Records Library with AllesHealth

Through an easy to use AllesHealth platform, patients and carers will be able to add their medical records from all sources. This includes data from Hospitals, Labs and Clinicians. 

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Patient Journey Mapping w/ AllesHealth

Making use of the data uploaded, AllesHealth will draw a journey map for patients and what potential steps might be relevant for their care, in view to keep patients informed for the best care possible.

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Earn Health Rewards with AllesHealth

Through AllesHealth App, Patients Earn rewards by staying Healthy and taking care of their family’s Health.

For Health Insurance Companies

Your Health Platform For Your Patients

AllesHealth is a white-labeled Platform App completely Customised for Health Insurance Providers. AllesHealth Platform App serves as a comprehensive tool for an end-to-end health management platform. Patients Stays Healthy resulting in Reduction of Claims.

For Hospitals and Clinics

Clinical Data and Insights with AllesHealth

Our team of Clinicians & technologists have built a state-of-the-art solution to provide key clinical insights based on patient data and offering personalized treatment options. We are constantly iterating to provide key insights at the right time for clinicians. Once finalized, the AllesHealth solution will be submitted to health care governing bodies for approval.

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Digital Companion for your Patients

AllesHealth can support you in your quest of providing better care for your patients and bring efficiency for your clinical teams.

Powered by
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
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Big Data Analysis

Are you a Patient?

AllesHealth is truly the first in kind Patient Centric solution to help discover clinical insights and to simplify the Healthcare ecosystem.

Are you a Health Insurance Provider?

Explore how AllesHealth can help you with Customer Retention and Top-line Growth.

Are you a Hospital or Clinic?

Explore how AllesHealth can support you in your quest of providing better care for your patients and bring efficiency for your clinical teams.

AllesHealth Platform

AllesHealth Platform

We have pushed the boundaries and combined the best of HealthTech, Blockchain and Social Health research available to provide a comprehensive solution for Patients and Carers with which they will feel empowered and own their Health Records.
Through AllesHealth Platform, Patients are able to store all of their medical records digitally, Map their medical journey, and share their anonymous data at their will for 2nd Opinion.
We Want To Provide The Control Of HealthData To The Real Owner ‘PATIENTS’ And Ensure Patients Are Rewarded For Healthy Behaviour.

Be the first to know as an early adopter in changing the Face of Healthcare


Here I would like to add Challenges of Patients in the current Healthcare Ecosystem.

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